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see the music, hear the dance 




My personal project, "See the music, hear the dance" was inspired by my daughter who was a dancer. 

The images are captured with longer exposure, no photo-manipulation. Long exposure helps me create a mysterious, ethereal atmosphere. My dancers are otherworldly ghost-like beings engrossed in their dance and lost in the moment.  

It is part of my personal philosophy in creating art by moving away from reality.



Editor's choice of LensCulture "Art Photography 2019" :


" The key to capturing the essence of a dance seldom lies in using your camera to stop motion. You have slowed your shutter speed to blur the movements. (...) 

'In my subconscious' is a very good example. You have chosen the perfect shutter speed to simultaneously blur and stop the motion of the dancers.  

This is a great strategy for making a dynamic image. (...)  It begins to remind me of paintings by Francis Bacon. I enjoy your images that show dancers interacting and performing together."

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